Wednesday 30 March 2011

HornetQ 2.2 Super-HornetQ

This is the best HornetQ release ever. HornetQ was already cutting edge but is now even better.

It is available here with docs here

This latest release contains the following improvements in functionality

- HornetQ Rest

Thanks to Bill Burke, we have a brand new and cool rest interface that's being released with 2.2.2. Look for a Judcon presentation just about this topic

- New improved failover.

Failover now support multiple backups for live servers and also allows automatic fail back to the original live server.

It also supports using shared file systems for shared journal using distributed locks to handle failover. We also guarantee that the backup server will stay completely passive until the main server crashes avoiding split brain occurring.

- New paging model

The new model now won't lock the address if you have a lazy consumer on a core-queue (or on the Topic Subscription in JMS terms) which previously caused consumer starvation. The system will navigate through page files like a cursor, keeping a soft-cache in memory to avoid duplicated references.

- Large Message Compression

It is now possible to compress the message body of large messages.

On the maintenance front thanks to the JBoss QA guys, their thorough testing means we are more confident then ever of delivering a well tested stable piece of software.

>other improvements include:

- Improvements on the journal reliability.

- Clustering reliability

- XA Integration

On the performance front we have made some optimizations:

- Optimized some non necessary syncs we were doing on the journal

- Optimized syncs on paging. Paging is now also scaling up syncs when many producers are syncing messages.

Also: HornetQ should be available for EAP users really soon, being a viable alternative for enterprise users who require a supportable alternative.

Many thanks for our contributors and for our QA department.