Friday 13 July 2012

HornetQ 2.3.0 Alpha released

This is not just a simple Alpha Release. It's a big release for us.

We have done a whole refactoring on 2.2.0, where we have introduced atomic failover and lots of enterprise ready improvements, making it part of JBoss EAP and JBoss7. 2011 was a big year for us and we accomplished a lot at the HornetQ hive.

Since last year we have been working, and investing our resources on making replication to happen, and we didn't want just a simple replication working. We wanted replication with FailBack, and also atomic failover.

So, 2.3.0.Alpha is out now, and the only reason we called it Alpha is because it's the first, very first version of replication with failback. It should be very functional already and we would appreciate feedback about its functionality.

So, here are the enhancements we have made on this release.

- The project is now 100% maven based.

We had gone through some major refactoring and reorganization of the source code to make this happen. Maven can be a burden and every maven hater will understand what I mean, but Maven has made us to organize our source code better and make it more modular. This effort is paying off now.

- Separate jar file for the journal.

If you just need a transactional journal, you can use this jar and use just the Journal alone. It's a very fast journal after all.

- Failback and Failover with replication

Failback by itself is a nice innovation on the open source messaging space. That means you can add a server back and the data will be copied over to the new server.

- Cloud discovery support

This version now also includes cloud ready discovery support, based on JGroups 3.0.10, which can work with lots of cloud providers out there.

And of course 2.3 has all the enhancements and fixes we have done on HornetQ 2.2 along the way. So, we are calling 2.3.0.Alpha because replication still under works. But this is a very good achievement for us.

Thanks for the HornetQ team (Francisco Borges, Andy Taylor, Howard Gao, Justin Bertram, Jeff Mesnil and Clebert Suconic) and contributors like  Tomohisa on this achievement.

Full speed ahead on 2.3.0.Final now. We should have more releases often this year until we reach Final/GA. Any feedback is always welcome on making HornetQ 2.3.0 ready