Monday 26 November 2012

HornetQ Beta2 Released

We are really glad to announce our second Beta of HornetQ 2.3.

We are working like crazy to make things happen and we are more than  almost there now. We could fix a few issues on replication, and especially the way things are configured. Really thanks for our users who have helped us achieve this release, that's really helpful. On that front I would like to mention Yong Deng who did an awesome job on raising issues about replication on the Beta.

The current schedule is to release HornetQ 2.3 GA early next year. Any input on how things are going for you with replication and failover with 2.3.Beta2 will be really helpful. Our forums are more than ever open for that collaboration.

This could be the latest Beta already. Things are moving along well, and we are really excited about this progress.