Friday, 11 September 2009

Back from JBossWorld and on with HornetQ

Finally I seem to be recovering from an extended period of jet lag after returning from JBossWorld/Red Hat summit in Chicago. The conference was a great success - it was the first time JBossWorld joined forces with the Red Hat guys to create a joint conference. The HornetQ presentation was received very well. We had a good attendance and lots of questions at the end. It's just a shame the presentations weren't video'd - otherwise we could have put it in youtube. Next year I think I will bring along my own video camera and tripod and do it myself! So, what's next? Next stop is HornetQ 2.0 GA. I'm guessing we have around 6 to 8 weeks work to get this out. But of course this depends on how many distractions we are getting. And right now there are a lot ;) Onwards to GA...