Tuesday, 16 February 2010

HornetQ reaches 800K messages / sec on a commodity server

I've been hacking away here, and managed to get a throughput of 800K small non persistent messages per second on a single 4 x 2.5GHz core server. The server was only running at 80% utilisation at this point. That means not even one core used :) Now... I just need to think of a way to incorporate this in a non hacky way.....


  1. Tim and the gang,

    I've been tracking your recent blog posts and progress and the result is absolutely amazing. We all knew that HornetQ was a nuclear bomb, but no benchmarks were ever published (well, you know what I mean...). Now, we can start seeing number pop up here and there and it is fascinating. Not only do you provide a huge feature set, especially in a clustered environment, but your performance is simply brutal.

    Congratulations to the team, you rock. Onward,


  2. Thanks Sacha,

    I don't forget that it's thanks to you (and Andy and Mark) championing our cause that we've been able to get this far :)