Wednesday 21 August 2013

HornetQ 2.4.0.beta1 is released and now has JMS2

The HornetQ team is proud to announce the release of 2.4.0.beta1 which can be downloaded here.

This contains a full implementation of the recent JMS 2 specification which includes new features such as simplified API's, Shared consumers on topic subscriptions and Auto Closeable JMS resources.

There are new examples shipped that show this new functionality, these include a jms auto closeable, jms shared consumer, jms completion listener and a jms context example which can be found in the distribution.

There is also a new JEE example demonstrating the use of an injected JMS context which will be runnable against the next Wildfly release.

This version also supports the AMQP protocol for the first time and comes shipped with 2 examples using the Qpid Proton ruby and java clients.

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